Conference: Portugal, from here to where? With Olivier Blanchard

by Nova SBE.

blanchardThe conference "Portugal, from here to where? Macroeconomic challenges for the next decade”, with Olivier Blanchard as keynote speaker, will take place next May 19, at 8:45am, in the Hotel Ritz Noble Room. Olivier Blanchard is Professor Emeritus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Senior Fellow of the Peterson Institute for International Economics and a reference in the Global Economy context.

Blanchard was the head of IMF Research Department for 32 years. He has been supervising main macro-economic Portugal challenges for more than two decades.

In 2006, he published a report about Portugal named “Adjustment within the euro. The difficult case of Portugal”, focused on the main challenges the country would face regarding the euro currency. He is currently writing a new paper about the future of Portugal economy that will be presented at the first time next May 19th.

Currently Blanchard runs different posts such as MIT Economics Professor & “Research Fellow” at Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington.

conferenciaThe main objective of this conference is to stimulate the discussion about Portugal’s future priorities concerning the topics:
- Structural reforms of the priority strategic sectors in the Portuguese economy to transform in an attractive cluster for foreign investment
- Investment policies and current incentives challenges. Which is the way forward?
- Fiscal and Monetary Policy: EuroZone versus Brexit Challenge
- Cluster Industrial 4.0

Professor Jorge Braga de Macedo, from Nova SBE, will be presenting Olivier Blanchard to the audience. Following the intervention of Olivier Blanchard, there will be a debate dedicated to the main Portuguese strategic sectors where the contemporary dynamics of the Portuguese economy will be analyzed. One of the highlights of this debate will be the paper discussion between Olivier Blanchard and Professor Francesco Franco, from Nova SBE. The opening of the conference will be done by the Minister of Economy, Manuel Caldeira Cabral and Daniel Traça, Nova SBE Dean, will do the closing.

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