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Between February 13 and 16, Nova Students’ Union and Nova "Economics Club will host at Nova SBE the “Economia Viva” conferences.
More than just classes, Universities also have the purpose of promoting public discussion, essential to our society. During this week, academics, relevant personalities, policy makers and, of course, students and citizens, will be part of this debate. Come, and be part of the discussion!




February 13 @ UNL's Rectory



time 5:30pm | Opening Session by Professor Daniel Traça, Nova SBE Dean

time 6:00pm | How to improve qualification in Portugal? with Luís Catela Nunes, David Justino, Maria Lurdes Rodrigues, Adelino Calado, Ana Balcão Reis




February 14 @ ROOM A224



time 6:00pm | State Reforms with Vera Ramalhete, Graça Fonseca, Teodora Cardoso, Francisco Louçã, Miguel Pina e Cunha




February 15 @ Salão Nobre Nova SBE



time 11:00am | What Path for Development in Africa? by NOVAFRICA Knowledge Center - with Maria Hermínia Cabral, Miguel Silvestre, Patrícia Maridalho, Pedro Vicente, Paula Barros, Ana Paula Gomes (debate moderator)

time 6:00pm | The future of the European Integration with Margarida Marques, Ana Fontoura Gouveia, Vítor Bento, Catherine Moury, Leonor Rossi, Nuno Alves




February 16 @ Salão Nobre Nova SBE & UNL's Rectory



time 11:00am | Salão Nobre | Current challenges facing the Portuguese industry with Daniel Traça, Helena Garrido, Cristina Barros, Pedro Siza Vieira

time 5:00pm | Salão Nobre | Immigration Policy: Walls or Bridges? with José Condes Rodrigues (debate moderator), Cátia Batista, Francisco Seixas da Costa, Christian Dustmann, Marta Bronzin

time 7:00pm | Salão Nobre | Closing Session with Professor António Bensabat Rendas, UNL's Rector, and Mr. Carlos Costa, Banco de Portugal Governor.


Visit “Economia Viva” Website for registration.