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Nova SBE - Living the Future

Living the future is a week-long summer program aimed at high school students from different countries, graduating in 2018, 2019 or 2020, interested in taking a Bachelor Degree in Economics or Management at a World Class University. Nova SBE is looking for you! Are you ready to take on the challenge of a lifetime?

The Lisbon Experience

The Lisbon Experience: Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation aims to be an immersion exercise in which students will be able to experience the academic excellence of our faculty and the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Lisbon.


The Lisbon MBA Executive 2018-20 - Applications

The applications for The Lisbon MBA Executive 2018-20 are now open. Make a difference.


The Lisbon MBA International Full Time 2019 - Applications

The applications for The Lisbon International Full Time MBA 2019 are now open. Apply now.


The Fellowship for Excellence students, at Nova School of Business & Economics, are not all bookworms. They are also dedicated, hard-working, and creative individuals with unique dreams, aspirations, and goals that will certainly take them beyond any (Nova SBE) horizon and, most importantly, the world we live in.

One of these Fellows is Gabriella Romeo, a Masters in International Management student and one of the students of the Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence. Born and bred in a typical middle-class uptown family in Italy, Gabriella started working at 17 in tourist villages as an entertainer. At 18, she flew to Canada to work as an au pair and at 19, her adventure at University started. Coming from a small village, she soon realized the importance of working and of the added value that that could give her. And from that, Gabriella made sure she absorbed the most of what she could from these different environments.


Even though she is now a familiar face at Nova SBE, Gabriella holds a Bachelor Degree in Philosophy. She says her Humanities background helps her perceive things differently also because of the two Erasmus she did in Berlin and later in Madrid. After her BSc, Gabriella took an internship at the Dante Alighieri Association, based in Tokyo, halfway across the world. And all this led her to where she is now: at Nova SBE, in Lisbon, where she has been challenged to see things in a different light and be inspired to make a change. When asked what her dream job is, the answer is “Sales & Communication Manager”, but that can always change because as she puts it:

“The thing is… you can actually be whatever you want and that’s another beauty of our generation, the fact that you’ve studied something does not define you as a person. You can always decide your path, you can change, you can travel, you can meet people, exchange what you are with other perspectives.”

Her best achievement? “It is yet to come. Keep dreaming!”

When asked what her favorite quotes is, Gabriella cites “Every hundred feet the world changes”, by Roberto Bolaño, and with this spirit, we also believe Gabriella will change every hundred feet alongside the world or, at least, help make that change possible.