Future Talks – Talking about the future with Maria João Carioca, Vera Pinto Pereira, and João Talone

by Nova SBE.


After welcoming António Simões, HSBC’s CEO in the United Kingdom, Nova School of Business & Economics invites three Alumni with a unique professional path to share more about their lives, their work, and their expectations towards the future.

Maria João Carioca, Vera Pinto Pereira, and João Talone will thus be the three distinguished guests of the Future Talks conference, taking place next November 24th, at 06:30 p.m., in room A14.

Nova SBE and BPI organize the 7th edition of the Asset Management Conference

by Nova SBE.


Nova Finance Center from Nova School of Business & Economics, alongside BPI, is organizing another edition of the Assent Management Conference. This will be the 7th edition and will have as its main subject Technology And The Future Of Asset Management”, which intends to present and bring to discussion the latest academic research breakthroughs regarding Asset Management.

The conference will take place on November 20th, starting 09:15 a.m., in Jupiter Lisbon Hotel, and will have as main speakers Professor Frans A. de Roon (Finance teacher at Tilburg University) and Professor Marcin Kacperczyk (Finance teacher at Imperial College London). There will also be several project presentations, as well as panel discussions and debates.

You can check the conference’s program bellow.



9h00 - Registration 

9h15 - Opening: Daniel Traça (Nova SBE’s Dean)

9h30 - Do Foreign Investors Improve Market Efficiency?
Presented by: Marcin Kacperczyk (Imperial College)
Debated by: Miguel Ferreira (Nova SBE)

10h15 - Coffee Break

10h30 - From Merton to Momentum  
Presented by: Frans de Roon (Tilburg University)  
Debated by: Martijn Boons (Nova SBE)

11h15 – Discussion Panel: Technology and the Future of Asset Management

12h00 - Man vs. Machine: Quantitative and Discretionary Equity Management  
Presented by: Simona Abis (Columbia Business School)  
Debated by: Rafael Zambrana (Nova SBE)

12h45 - Lunch

14h15 - Finding Fortune: How Do Institutional Investors Pick Asset Managers?  
Presented by: Oleg Gredil (Tulane University) 
Debated by: Irem Demirci (Nova SBE)

15h00 - House of Funds  
Presented by: Natalia Gerasimova (NHH)  
Debated by: Melissa Prado (Nova SBE)

15h45 - Coffee Break

16h00 - Competition and Cooperation in Mutual Fund Families  
Presented by: Rafael Zambrana (Nova SBE)  
Debated by: Javier Gil-Bazo (Pompeu Fabra)

16h45 - Competition and Cooperation in Mutual Fund Families  
Presented by: Rafael Zambrana (Nova SBE)  
Debated by: Javier Gil-Bazo (Pompeu Fabra)


To learn more information on how to attend, please visit this link.

Nova SBE and KPMG bolster young talents

by Nova SBE.

NovaSBE-KPMGThis is a photo KPMG kindly sent us as a thank you note.

Nova School of Business & Economics is proud to announce that, in 2017, 31 of its graduates initiated their professional career at the multinational KPMG.

Nova SBE is holding a Nova Finance Week

by Nova SBE.


Nova School of Business & Economics is hosting its first edition of the Nova Finance Week. This is an event organized by the Nova Students’ Union, alongside the Nova Investment Club, and it is powered by KPMG, a renowned consultancy company. Throughout this week, a number of speakers are coming to Nova SBE to give lectures on finance and investing. Oxy Capital, KPMG, and the CFA Lisbon Institute are the main companies attending and hosting targeted sessions at the Finance Week.

Nova SBE, alongside Cisco, at the Web Summit

by Nova SBE.


Nova School of Business and Economics is part of Web Summit’s 9th edition – the biggest annual technology conference in the world – alongside the multinational Cisco Systems.

“Comunicação em Debate” [Debating Communication] with three Nova SBE Alumni

by Nova SBE.

Comunicação em Debate

Three of the guest speakers at the 5th edition of the conference “Comunicação em Debate” [Debating Communication], organized by Meios e Publicidade, are Nova School of Business and Economics Alumni.