Directed Research Internship Work Project

What it is

A DRI comprises an individual dissertation established on a given organization in which the student is doing an internship. The DRI must have a problem solving format or research approach to an empirical question to be addressed and also include the following aspects:

  • Objectives of the internship, with relevant academic and/or business oriented literature review.
  • Analysis methodology.
  • Proposed solution for the organization, based on literature review.
  • A list of themes and professors will be available in this WP category (DRI) on Moodle. Students may also find an internship that complies with the DRI’s guidelines and ask for MO responsible for WPs (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) support to find a suitable academic advisor.
  • The DRI projects are focused on current high-impact organizational problems that the student may face in the professional future and offers the possibility to integrate distinct knowledge areas.

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