The Effectiveness of Event Sponsoring on Children and its Ethicality (Strategy and Markets)

child tv 2To what extent are children being influenced? Learn more from a study conducted with Portuguese children. Researcher: Luisa Agante

Giving – in-kind or cash? (Development and Macroeconomics)

donation 2Whether and how givers seek to influence or control the consumption patterns of gift recipients. Researcher: Cátia Batista

Does it last? Effects from a public policy to recover waiting lists (Microeconomics)

ResearchNews waitingLitsAnalysing the results of the program of intervention in ophthalmology.

Researcher: Gisele Braun

Knowledge outflows in multinationals and subsidiaries (Strategy and Markets)

ResearchNews knowledgeOutflowsHow does it impact performance? Researcher: Luis Lages

The effectiveness of grassroots campaigns against electoral violence (Development and Macroeconomics)

ResearchNews electoralViolenceEvidence from Nigeria’s 2007 elections. Researcher: Pedro Vicente