A Gendered Packaging makes Children choose Healthier Breakfast Cereals (Strategy and Markets)


A study with Portuguese children offered them gendered packaging options of breakfast cereals. 

Researcher: Luísa Agante

The effects of environmental improvements on local development

bird watchingAdapting the economic tools for better decisions.

Researcher: Luis Catela Nunes 




Indexing and active fund management: international evidence (Finance and Accounting)

passive investmentSince the financial crisis in 2008 the popularity of explicit indexing has increased. How is that related to the structure and performance of actively managed funds around the world?

Researcher: Miguel Ferreira

Are temporary workers better at handling strain? (People and Society)


stressed call center workerA study found that emotional exhaustion related negatively to performance among permanent workers, but not among temporary workers.

Researcher: Filipa Castanheira

Venture Capital to Innovate, But Don't Get Carried Away (Finance and Accounting)

private equ 2The form of equity financing – either public or private – affects managers’ incentives to innovate. Researcher: André Castro Silva