Investors do care about macroeconomic risk after all (Finance and Accounting)


State variables, macroeconomic activity, and the cross section of individual stocks | Researcher: Martijn Boons

Measuring bird watchers' preferences (Quantitative Methods and Decision Sciences)

Nova SBE research binocularsTackling the challenges of studying special-purpose populations can help local policy makers and tourism operators. | Researcher: Luis Catela Nunes

When comparing apples to oranges leads to a measured diversification discount (Finance & Accounting)

Nova SBE research appleTypical measures of the diversification discount can give a biased view on the value of corporate diversification | Researcher: Cláudia Custódio

On ethical leadership and personal reputation (People and Society)

Nova SBE research performance

Reputation for performance enhances the effectiveness of ethical leadership in the development of an emotional bond between employees and the organization | Researchers: Pedro Neves and Joana Story

Taking it out on survivors (People and Society)

abusive supervision nova sbe

Employees with poor self-evaluations are more likely to suffer aggressions from their managers | Researcher: Pedro Neves