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Impact Challenge

Nova SBE Fellows participated in a social impact initiative in partnership with Everis, another benefactor of the program, the Municipality of Cascais and the Community Center Parish of Carcavelos [Centro Comunitário Paróquia de Carcavelos – CCPC] to work on sustainability and social responsibility issues. The social impact challenge, also known as “Impact Challenge”, intended to help students develop the technical skills they will need for the job market while aiming to help CCPC.

In light of Nova SBE’s move to Carcavelos, this initiative also aims to help the local community solve their most pressing problems enabling them to continuously provide social services. 

The Fellows were challenged to find solutions for CCPC – a community center that takes in children, families, and the elderly, assisting in numerous social and employability areas – by asking students how they could guarantee CCPC’s financial sustainability for the next years.

The goal was to try to solve the community center’s most pressing issues while assuring that it will still have the capacity to provide its social services. For a five-month period, the Fellows will work side by side with Everis consultants to implement the most impactful project for the community center.

Welcome Dinner

The second generation of the Nova School of Business & Economics’ Fellowship for Excellence Fellows were welcomed at the beginning of the academic year with a dinner by the Fellowship for Excellence Benefactors. The main purpose was so that students would have the chance to meet the Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence Founder, Raúl Galamba, its Academic Director, Francisco Queiró, Daniel Traça, Dean of Nova SBE, and Pedro Santa-Clara, former President of the Alfredo de Sousa Foundation.

The welcome dinner was the kick-off event of this unique initiative organized in partnership with McKinsey & Company, which is the benefactor of this scholarship program at Nova SBE, as a way to promote the first networking experience within the Fellowship ecosystem.

During the event, Fellows and Benefactors were introduced to the program’s fundamental purpose, initiatives, and main speakers.


May I apply for a merit scholarship?

We believe that all candidates to Nova SBE are talented and successful. Therefore, all the students applying to the Masters Programs at Nova SBE are automatically eligible to become a Fellow.

 What is Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence?

Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence is a program that promotes Fellowship status and empowers talented students that demonstrate exceptional ability, preparing them to be the future generation of leaders in our society.

What are the requirements?

Academic achievements, contribution to the academic life and community in previous studies, extracurricular activities and social engagement will be assessed in a comprehensive and thorough merit-based selection process by the Admissions Committee.

Will I be provided with financial support?

Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence provides financial support to the Fellows offering a reduction of 20% in tuition fees for the first academic year.

Fellows are also eligible for additional financial support that may bring the total discount to 50% or even, in some cases, to 80% of tuition.

Do I need to provide any additional documents?

It is not necessary to provide additional documents. 

When will I know if I have been nominated Fellow?

Students are nominated Fellows at the same time as acceptance to the Master Program at Nova SBE and will later on receive an Acceptance Letter to the Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence.


by Nova SBE.


The Program

The Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence aims to identify talent and provide Fellows with nothing short of the best possible learning environment.

The Fellowship sees individual accomplishment as the foundation of social progress, which is to say it believes the Fellows will become the next generation of business and society. The Benefactors, both individual and corporate, share that belief and act accordingly, creating opportunities for the Fellows and enabling their progress in all areas.

Fellows will access exclusive activities with corporate donors, enabling them to gain real work experience, and take advantage of networking with Nova SBE Alumni, individual sponsors and benefactors.

Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence provides financial support to the Fellows offering a reduction of at least 20% off tuition fees.

Candidates are eligible upon admission to a master program at Nova SBE. Being more than just a scholarship means that the Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence will also consider more than official academic transcripts and letters of reference. Leadership contribution and proven experience in the areas of sports, culture, charities and civic causes will be assessed in a comprehensive and thorough merit-based selection process.

The Admissions Committee will evaluate academic excellence, experience and the motivation of each candidate.

The Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence is fully sponsored by individuals and corporations who will be involved in the Fellowship community, participating in unique events and the governance of the program.

Consult the full program regulation here

Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence

A small number of gifted individuals can have a great impact on society, and they often do. The newly created Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence identifies the most talented students in the school and empowers them to change the world.

The Fellowship prepares individuals to achieve their full potential as students, no doubt, but also as citizens and human beings. The program includes exclusive networking opportunities, internship experiences and a leadership program with business leaders as keynote speakers. In other words, it gives the Fellows the opportunity to go out into the world and leave their mark.

Rewarding talent and commitment is the ultimate purpose of the Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence. During, Fellows will find room for an infinity of other goals, including their own individual goals. Having their potential recognized is just the beginning: team spirit, entrepreneurship, integrity and respect are no less powerful than ambition, learning agility and curricular performance. The Fellowship is more than just an academic award or honor, it is an ecosystem where energy and creativity turn into deeds, where aspirations and dreams become day-to-day life.


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