Nunes, Luís Catela

Nunes, Luís Catela



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Luís Catela Nunes is a Professor of Applied Econometrics at Nova School of Business and Economics. He received his PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is currently the Deputy Dean of Nova SBE and the Head of its Research Unit.

His main research area is econometrics. He has worked on the econometrics of structural change. He has also been involved in several research projects related to the economic valuation of the environment. More recently, he has conducted research in the economics of education. The results of his applied and theoretical research projects have been published in prestigious international journals.

Luis Catela Nunes teaches Statistics and Econometrics at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Recently, he received the Best Professor Award at the Lisbon MBA Católica|Nova - part time class of 2012-2014. He also has a vast experience in conducting applied economic studies and consultancy for companies, banks, and government agencies.

  • Applied Econometrics, Environmental Valuation, Economics of Education, Time Series Analysis.

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