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The doctoral program is the dissertation part of the research track at Nova SBE. In addition, the students are required to read a total of four specialization courses, in the first two years of their PhD, to choose amongst the ones offered at Nova SBE, or in a partner institution during a potential visit abroad, or an appropriate Summer School approved both by the supervisor and the program director.

Students are encouraged to enjoy the exchange possibilities offered by Nova SBE's international partnerships QED and EDEEM to spend at least one academic term abroad as a visiting research student. This encouragement becomes a requirement for students having obtained their BA or Master degree at Nova SBE.

Description & Internationalization

The Ph.D program provides students with critical analysis in economics to contribute creatively to research and teaching. The program has allowed the university to gain reputation in innovative approaches to economics.The program follows the best international practises to qualify its graduates to develop high level research.
world puzzle 3 The Doctoral program aims at training highly qualified independent researchers in the fields of Economics for positions in international academy and research institutions as well as for top positions in business companies or governmental organisations.

Nova SBE strongly encourages and finances Ph.D candidates to present their research at international scientific conferences. For the final year, school also provides specific training for job interviews and finances the application procedures and trips to the main job market international conferences.

International Partnerships

International Partnerships
Exchange Agreement: QED - Quantitative Economic Doctorate
Flexible structure which facilitates visiting the involved institutions as a visiting research student, granting a mention in the Doctoral program.
Joint Diploma: EDEEM - European Doctorate in Economics Erasmus Mundus
It demands a minimum stay of one academic year in a foreign institution with a local advisor in association with a Nova SBE one, framed by a co-tutelle agreement. The student is awarded a doctoral degree in both Nova SBE and the foreign institution. Associated Partners:

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Our PhD placement is a fundamental piece of our stategy. Nova SBE sponsors the costs of its graduates seeking a job placement (applications, traveling costs, coaching for a job market interviews and recruitment seminars).
There is an extensive list of both academic and non-academic prestigious institutions hosting Nova SBE's Doctors. Here you can find some of the universities that receive our students:
USA - University of Wisconsin-Madison;
South Korea - Sogang University;
Brazil - INSPER and Fundação Getúlio Vargas;
Italy - FEEM Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei;
Finland - Hanken Business School;
Italy - European Commission Centre for Research on Lifelong Learning;
Portugal - ISCTE Business School and Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics.

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Our target are the holders of a Masters degree in Economics or related fields with a very high intellectual ability, wishing to develop their academic careers in Economics. 
A strong background in mathematics and an appropriate level of English as a foreign language is a necessary condition for enrolment. Candidates from all over the world are welcome, subject to a minimum requirements in terms of their academic background. Those with a background other than Economics will be examined on a case-by-case basis.The Doctoral program in Economics is a full-time education program. As such, students are not expected to accumulate this with any other occupation.

Documents Required
  • An Application Form;
  • Grades obtained in the highest cycle of studies;
  • A CV;
  • A letter of intent in the applicant's own words;
  • Two reference letters.
Selection and ranking criteria applications are reviewed by an Admissions Committee that assumes the responsability of choosing the Doctoral cohort upon a through analysis of all documents provided by the candidates. All data is considered on an individual basis and compared with the rest of the applicant tool. Candidate's CV is carefully evaluated. The following are considered positive points which give a bonus for the application:
  • Previous attendance of Summer Schools;
  • Internships in international institutions;
  • Publications in peer-reviewed international outlets;
  • Relevant professional experience;
  • Study periods abroad.