Exchange Students

Our programs are internationally oriented and we offer a wide variety of interesting topics to study.

Studying at Nova School of Business and Economics is a unique social and human experience. Here students will build lasting friendships for the rest of their lives and develop a network of contacts that will prove invaluable throughout their careers. Moreover, the diversity of profiles within each program will provide a truly enriching experience, during which students will share experiences with peers from a great variety of backgrounds.


With two million inhabitants, Lisbon is the center of Portuguese culture, business and politics, and offers the perfect opportunity to study Economics, Finance and Management. Its geographical location represents a priceless advantage. Mild winters and long summers provide the conditions to enjoy all that is on offer and make the practice of activities such as surfing, windsurfing and body boarding possible all year long.

Studying in Lisbon enables you to develop a personal and professional network, representing the stepping stone to new contacts and opportunities throughout Europe. Portuguese is spoken by more than 250 million people in the world, and the business relationships between Portugal, sub-Saharan Africa and Brazil are particularly strong. Considered the gateway to these regions and also a central capital with easy access to the rest of the world, Lisbon plays an increasingly important role within Europe and worldwide.


Our programs are internationally oriented and we offer a wide variety of interesting topics to study. Exchange and Study Abroad students must choose from the list of courses available to them.


Most of those courses are taught in English but there are still a few that are taught in Portuguese, although examinations can be made in both languages.

When selecting your courses make sure you check the languages of instruction and if there are any mandatory prerequisites.

Have an idea of the courses, their contents, language of instruction and availability to exchange students.



All Masters’ courses are taught in English and exchange students can choose them according to information on each course description. To get an idea of the courses, their contents and availability to exchange students please follow the links:

> Masters in Economics

> Masters in Finance

> International Masters in Finance

> Masters in Management