The summer school is designed for bachelor students (typically 2nd or 3rd year students) considering their transition into the job market or further pursuing their studies in a Master program.


You are approaching a moment in your life of increasing and more complex choices. The world of work has become global. You have plenty to choose but that makes your life only but more challenging.

Did you ever wonder about what a job in a large multi-national corporation entails? Or maybe in a global strategy consulting firm? What about working for an NGO or in the public sector? What if you would just start your own high-tech business or social enterprise? Do you think that would suit you? Based on these choices, how should your educational path look like? And how will work look like in the future anyway? Should work be more than just a pay check? What is the meaning of work for you?

The Nova SBE “Future of (Your) Work” Summer School aims to support you in finding answers to these and other pressing questions. It is a journey to discover what motivates you and where you think you can make a meaningful impact.

During 2 intense weeks in cosmopolitan Lisbon and exquisite Cascais, you will understand and experience how different organizations in various sectors operate and the career paths they offer. You will work closely with the executives and senior professionals of these organizations to explore scenarios for the future of (your) work. You will build an international network and learn from the best about careers and making meaningful choices. You will develop your own career compass to support you in your work and educational choices. All this while having fun in one of the hottest spots in Europe at the moment!


At the end of the summer school you should be able to…

Understand the reality of work (jobs, functions, cultures, paths) in various organizations in the private and public sectors

Realize your key motivational drivers in a work context

Make conscious choices about career paths and educational programs that support a meaningful and rewarding professional life


The summer school is based on three key pillars that permeate the whole program:


Master classes

You will be exposed to thought provoking ideas about the future (of work), examples of (unusual) career paths, conceptual frameworks about the reality of work in different sectors, state of the art perspectives on management and accounts of the impact of organizations in social life.


Experiencing the reality of work

You will attend sector specific panels (corporate, entrepreneurial, public sector and 3rd sector) with experts, managers, entrepreneurs and professionals that will talk about their own careers and explore their views on the future of work in their sectors. You will interact with professionals in the real context of their work to grasp the essence of their careers and choices. You will co-create scenarios for the future of work together with partnering organizations.


Personal development

You will work with mentors (early career young professionals) that will help you make sense of the different experiences you will go through during the program. You will run several exercises and provide peer feedback to support fellow participants along the way. You will be part of an intensive survival weekend to test your boundaries while getting you in reflection mode. You will build a step-wise career compass throughout the week to support your future work and educational choices.


Sports are a fundamental part of the process in terms of connecting students, energizing with good mood or sense of self worth, playing in team and not giving up!

Survival Weekend will be organized in order to develop specific skills; in the outdoors, where nature might test student’s limits and help acknowledge the ‘self’ in a crisis situation, will also develop persistence and team work, leadership and encouragement towards colleagues, while empowering autonomy to make choices, accepting mistakes or being mentally flexible.

Dinner – meet an Alumni… CEO, government leader, entrepreneur – an opportunity not only to construct networking and pose the right questions, but to mingle and enjoy; icebreakers will be a constant in all activities to build stamina and connection.


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Program Fee € 1.950

You will be send to Nova SBE Executive Education register system, that also belongs to Nova SBE.
You may choose the way of payment: Bank Transfer, Credit Card or PayPal

Meanwhile, if you have any questions, please send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.