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One of the leading business schools in Europe

Established in 1978, Nova School of Business and Economics (Nova SBE) is the most prestigious Portuguese school in the areas of Economics, Finance and Management and one of the leading business schools in Europe.

Nova SBE is the right choice

“It's a university that not only focuses on the theoretical part of the course, but also the practical usage of it”
— Thanitthi Muangnapha, International Bachelor's student from Thailand

World-class education

Excellence in teaching & leader in research

Welcoming students, professors and staff

Flexibility and applied knowledge of the programs

Multicultural environment

40% of international students from 60 nationalities

Gateway to the world

International careers

Every year our graduated students are placed in 25+ countries

Great job opportunities

100 % employability rate

Alumni network

14000+ in 50+ countries and 100+ cities

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Accreditations, Rankings & Awards

“The rank of Nova SBE is very good, it is a top business school, and all the programs are 100% taught in English, which is just perfect!”
— Myriam Ramdane, International Bachelor's student from Algeria

Triple Crown Accreditation

We are fully credited by the leading international accreditation bodies

Member of leading international alliances

We were chosen to join organizations of leading international business schools

Financial times


TOP 23

European Business School


International Master's in Finance worldwide


International Master's in Management worldwide

TOP 30

Executive Education in Europe

TOP 50

Executive Education worldwide

TOP 20

MBA in Europe



Nova SBE is the best business school in the Portuguese speaking world

universal business school



Master's in Economics


Bachelor Degree in Economics and Management

“Our Bachelors offer a rigorous and solid education with an emphasis on a quantitative and analytical approach of Economics and Management, combined with a strong investment in soft skills; all this in an environment where students from all over the world are warmly welcomed by their colleagues, staff and faculty.”
— Ana Balcão Reis, Bachelors' Academic Director

The bachelors degree is founded on a selection of core courses that offer a comprehensive education in Economics, Management and Quantitative Methods. This provides a balanced foundation in technical and scientific knowledge.

We place special emphasis on developing students’ analytical capabilities, their communications skills,and ability to work in teams through coursework and modules.

During the degree, students are challenged to participate in voluntary projects and to organize events within the community.

Our academic programs have been designed to provide a unique learning experience, complemented with the necessary skills, knowledge and development to give way to a journey of self-discovery. In order to better prepare students for an increasingly demanding job market, the programs are delivered on five pillars of learning.


Projects are developed with academic rigor and critical knowledge in the fields of Economics, Finance and Management.


Students are encouraged not only to develop analytical skills but also an open mind, expanding their emotional, ethical, relational, and social intelligence, with purpose.


We deliver a balanced approach to education, placing emphasis on the development of both analytical and soft skills.


Developing practical knowledge, exploring real business challenges with real companies to generate meaningful impact.


Study trips give students a chance to become familiarized with the strategies and working environment of global organizations.

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A Way of Life

“Nova SBE is quite challenging, but it is also more applied to real life”
— Thanitthi Muangnapha, International Bachelor's student from Thailand

At Nova SBE, the rigor, skills and professional competence found within our students are enhanced by the friendly and supportive environment from which they benefit on campus. This context plays a major role in developing their teamwork skills and in helping them build a strong network that will be a key asset in the future.

Nova SBE's students have the chance to join several associations, and social and professional clubs, developing a diversity of skills, whilst getting to know their peers in a more casual environment.

Moreover, students from different programs get to meet one another during several parties, social events, modules and trips that are held throughout the academic year.

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All this while enjoying Lisbon, one of the most exciting European destinations.

“When I first came to Lisbon, I fell in love with the city. It’s just so beautiful and different. I just love it in here.”
— Amanda Mota, International Bachelor's student from Brazil

Safest city in Europe

70 % sunny days

Gateway to the Portuguese-speaking world

Strong interlink to Europe

Coastal lifestyle

Outdoor activities

Comfortable for English speakers

Rich history and culture

Community open to diversity and creativity

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We have two intakes for you to start our undergraduate program

Fall-intake: to start in September → applications: February 1st until May 15th 

Spring-intake: to start in February → applications: September 1st until November 20th

“Nova SBE is a place that totally changed my life. I really love studying here.”
— Rian Yan, International Bachelor's student from China

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